Motion: 03. Amending National Executive Membership
Motion Title Amending National Executive Membership
Branch Dublin Central
Address To National Conference

Replace article 6.2.2 of the Constitution with:

The National Executive shall have seventeen regular members:
• The Party Chairperson;
• The Party Vice-Chairperson;
• The Party Treasurer;
• Ten ordinary members of the party elected at National Conference of which at least four must identify as female and at least four must identify as male. No person who is for the time being a member of the Parliamentary Party or a member of Party staff or Oireachtas staff employed directly by party representatives, may be elected as an ordinary member of the National Executive;
• Two members of the Parliamentary Party selected by the Parliamentary Party at their sole discretion;
• One Councillor selected by the local Councillors at their sole discretion;
• The General Secretary who shall be present but shall not be empowered to vote on any matter.

Amendments to Motion

Amendment Proposed by the National Executive:

Replace the Motion with ‘Consideration of this issue be postponed and included in the deliberations of the Constitutional Review.’.


Conference proposes that a position is added to the National Executive for an elected local Councillor selected at the discretion of the local Councillors. Currently our Councillors have no input into our national executive, although as per article 9.4 Rights and Duties of Elected Representatives:

“A party member who holds a seat in Dáil Éireann, Seanad Éireann, the European Parliament or who is a member of a Local Authority is expected to contribute meaningfully to the implementation of the Party’s programme and to adhere to any policies approved by the Party Conference or otherwise agreed by the Party. For the avoidance of doubt, an elected representative has the right to form her or his own views and to take decisions within areas mandated by the post to which they have been elected, subject to the Party’s principles, policies and political programme.”

Our Councillors are currently at a democratic deficit in that they are expected to implement our programme as public representatives but without adequate representation in the formation of that programme. The selected Councillor may substitute themselves for another Councillor as need arises. The role of the Councillor on the Executive would be to provide the Executive with a report on our Councillors work and provide the input of our Councillors to programme formation.