Motion: 09. Develop a Sports Funding Policy
Motion Title Develop a Sports Funding Policy
Branch Dublin Fingal
Address To Policy Committee

The Party should develop a sport funding policy that includes:

  • a focus on ensuring resources for areas rather than clubs;
  • supporting shared use of new and existing facilities;
  • an emphasis on Local Councils developing strategies for increased participation and understanding and addressing barriers to participation e.g. open schools after hours;
  • a national sports funding policy that is geared to increased participation based on needs not lobbying;
  • that sports policy should be channelled from Sport Ireland through local authorities allowing for the development of a municipal based funding policy;
  • sports funding should come through local authorities primarily, rather than centrally from Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.and that such a policy recognizes the diversity of sports interests.
Amendments to Motion

The Sports Capital Grants scheme is not fit for purpose. It benefits privileged well resourced clubs and neglects disadvantaged areas. The Sports Capital Funding also favours larger well-resourced sports as opposed to sports with many participants with few resources. Basketball for example is woefully under-resourced. Clubs need to hire indoor venues every time they want to do training, thus creating a barrier to participation. Athletics is also under resourced but has huge numbers participating especially in the context of Park Runs and Road Runner groups in recent years. Development of resources such as tracks for athletics will help provide a pathway for continued participation and will strengthen the basis for sports participation. Currently the Sports Capital Programme scheme does not benefit these sports at all. Private schools have won grants of hundreds of thousands of Euro, while clubs in disadvantaged areas get hundreds of Euro.